The Ordinary Velorians Cycle

Shortly before his Sharon Best persona vanished in 2003, Shadar had begun work on a new serial called Ordinary Velorians. Only four episodes appeared before his old Aurora Universe site was taken down, but they represented some of the best Sharon Best writing ever.

Shadar allowed that Ordinary Velorians was the one Generation 3 story he had longed to see completed, so it came to be, with new chapters by myself. You'll find the complete serial here, and there is a character profiles link at the beginning of the first episode. But the story doesn't end there. Even before I finished the serial, Shadar and I had been collaborating on sequels -- "Alisa's Story" and Shore Leave – and another story of mine, "Pictures of an Expedition," is a sequel to the latter. Shadar later contributed "Blind Justice," which (to his complete surprise) led to "Delphic Obstacles," an effort to tie up one of the loose ends from Shore Leave and previous works set on Reigel Five. And Passion Play offers an overview of the life of Aliza-zar Kim-Vallara, alias Alisa Liddell.

Just before the demise of the old AU, I had also taken over the conception of Kelsor 7, a world of scientists which -- with Ordinary Velorians protagonist Alisa -- figures in "Throne of the Gods." Kelsor 7 had been named by Shadar, but it had been just a name to him. It had been understood that when he got to the point of telling Alisa's story, he would be able to make use of the same conception. With the help of Tarot Barnes, I came up with a background for Kelsor itself, and as I continued working with Shadar after his return, I also worked out a timeline for the Ordinary Velorians saga and related stories. And I came up with an origin story for the planet, Emigrants, and even alluded to its Christla faction in Companions.  

The story cycle has grown in other unexpected directions, with Shadar contributing more remotely related stories such as McCloud's Daughters (which segued into my own Bird in Paradise, a story he pushed me to write) and Corrididor; and Ultrasybarite (previously Leaflblade) later weighing in with his own related Diaboli crossover, Finding Sanctuary, and a Diaboli history to go with it (You'll find related links at Other Voices as well as the main page of About the Aurora Universe.).

Who knows where it will all go from here? Stay tuned!

Ordinary Velorians Chapters: