Evelyn York Speaks: Thoughts on the Superheroine


First and foremost, she's a woman. And a woman who enjoys having fun, particularly fun with men. And she enjoys the art of being a woman. She's a bit like the part Kim Catrell plays in "Sex in the City". Simply as a woman, she's totally and completely confident. She knows fashion and how she looks best. When Supergirl is in the form of her alter ego, she can be dressed in a very demure and business-like way...or breathtakingly sexy.


And then there's the Super part of Supergirl:


She loves having superhuman strength. Supergirl isn't sure how many thousands of times stronger she is than a mere mortal man but she loves the fact that the power of her muscles makes the strongest man on earth a trivial weakling compared to her. Supergirl adores the look of amazement she gets from men when she effortlessly bends steel in front of them with her bare hands. And the looks of admiration that she receives from other women. Other women admire and envy her - her costumes are the talk of daytime talk shows - and her secret private life is a matter of dreamy speculation.


Supergirl loves being able to fly - into space if need be - or simply fast enough to easily overtake a jet fighter and wave to the pilot. She's thrilled when a crowd points to her in the sky and yell "It's Supergirl!"


The Girl of Steel loves being invulnerable. The feeling of bullets on her body stimulates her...especially when striking her breasts. It nearly always makes her smile in a condescending sort of way.


She loves having superspeed, because if allows her to not only change into costume in the blink of an eye, but also to change from her blouse and denim skirt to an evening gown in a microsecond for a night out.


She loves to be able to see through things and not just to check out men.


In short, Supergirl is completely unique...in Evelyn's Universe there is no one else, male or female, even vaguely like her. Supergirl is simply the physical strength of tens of thousands of men combined with the gentle femininity of the most refined, cultured and beautiful woman.


Well, that's this woman's view anyway...and that's how I like to write about her...(or me as I like to dream).